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Blazing a Culinary Trail in Houston, Texas

In our quest to elevate outdoor dining, we embarked on a thrilling project featuring a top-tier Blaze Grill paired with the timeless allure of stainless steel. This dynamic duo formed the backbone of our stylish and functional outdoor kitchen.

The rugged charm of stainless steel not only added a modern touch but also ensured durability against the elements. Complemented by custom tilework and spacious counters, our clients outdoor haven became a stage for culinary adventures and cherished memories.

From sizzling steaks to intimate dinners, this Blaze Grill has proven to be the heart of the action, promising countless evenings filled with delicious meals and shared laughter. The stainless steel oasis stands as a testament to the art of outdoor living—a perfect blend of style and functionality for years of enjoyment.

The specs:

Grill is a 32" LTE gas grill, Power burner next to the grill on the right, 42" vent hood with custom stainless flue, double trash drawer off to the right side, double drawer storage under the power burner, 39" combo drawer/door under grill, and a double drawer 5.1 refrigerator, antique black leathered granite, and the front is a wood look tile the designer wanted because it matched the fireplace in the house.  All outdoor kitchen equipment came from Blaze.  This is a model home for a custom builder in High Meadow Estates.


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